Know us.

Designlab 252 was founded in 2007.  The company is a California State Certified Small Business Enterprise #1513561 and meets requirements for any SBE goals set for Public Agency projects.  The company is a full-service Landscape Architecture firm with years of experience in providing professional consulting services to clients throughout the state.

A Statement of Qualification is happily available.  Just click here and ask.


Some humble facts that make us so good.

Every Landscape Architect has a different experience as they come to master their craft.  It just so happens that our path has brought us unique experience that make us dominant at what we do.  You see, we did our graduate work at the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and after eight years, followed that up with even more civil engineering experience in the private sector.  As a result, you could say we’re bilingual.  We speak Engineer.

That interprets to mean that the core discipline at Designlab 252 has always been our close work with Civil Engineers and multi-discipline teams in the development of large-scale, complex projects, especially ones that relate to transportation.

In the late 1990’s, Landscape Architecture really came into its own at Caltrans.  Having just arrived, the timing could not have been better for us.  It allowed us to participate in the creation of state standards for planting, irrigation and aesthetic design, which still exist today.  It also allowed us the opportunity to make a lot of friends as we trained other Caltrans staff around the state in these new requirements and those relationships are as strong as ever.

When transportation related projects are required to meet Caltrans standards, we really don’t have any competition.  No other firm in California produces true Caltrans documents and understands what it really means to design to Caltrans standards like Designlab 252, other than Caltrans itself.  We seriously don’t mean to brag here.  We are saying it because you need to know and it’s what Caltrans staff all over the state keep telling us.

Water.  We know stuff about it.

Look, we live in California.  We knew from the first moment we started this little enterprise that water conservation was, is, and will always remain, a vital issue.  Long before AB1881 was enacted, we established our own policies and procedures to design efficient irrigations systems that would meet or exceed these upcoming standards.

Now made law and known as the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance, California water regulations have never been stricter.  Our decades of experience designing large and complex systems for the state and on-going work with manufacturers makes us the right choice for water conservation planning and design.

NOW IS THE TIME!  With today’s concerns about water-use, now is NOT the time to stop projects.  Now is the time to FIX outdated projects.  Outdated landscape irrigations systems are a problem today.  The climate is just right for fixing them and bringing them up to new standards.  That would be active water conservation.  Those who have taken the steps in that direction are way ahead of the game and the rest are going to look at higher prices, fines and shut-offs.

Taking the lead role as Prime Consultants, we have completed award-winning water conservation projects.  We have experience in completing every facet from master planning, designing, construction documentation, bidding, contract awarding, and construction management.  We have clients that we have taken water consumption to half their annual average and we have clients we have taken their potable water consumption to zero.  Imagine coming down from six (6) million gallons a year to zero.  Yeah, we did that.

Professional Services Company

•    Transportation Oriented Design
•    Water conservation
•    Site Design 
•    Landscape planting design
•    Irrigation design
•    Main Street/Livable Communities 
•    Park design

•    Mitigation and Monitoring plans
•    Restoration/Revegetation
•    Slope stabilization
•    Maintenance and Operational plans
•    Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
•    Context Sensitive Solutions

•    Public outreach
•    Visual Impact Assessment Reports (VIA)
•    Planning services
•    Historic Landscapes (HALS)
•    Downtown revitalization
•    Way finding, nodes, place making
•    Expert Witnesses
•    Project/Construction Management

Sample Public Clients

•    California Department of Transportation       (Caltrans)
•    Fresno Council of Governments

•    City of Bakersfield
•    City of Fresno
•    City of Visalia
•    City of Tulare
•    City of Kingsburg
•    City of Reedley
•    City of Fowler
•    City of Kerman
•    City of Ridgecrest
•    County of Santa Clara
•    County of Fresno
•    San Joaquin River Council

Sample Private Clients

•   Grundfos Pumps
•    Fresno Chaffee Zoo
•    Valley Children’s Healthcare
•    Walmart