Once upon a time, in the crazy history of 2007, three friends decided life was just right for a new adventure and with the help of some brave visionaries, Designlab 252 was born.  The company was conceived back in the day when Patrick and Scott were in school together.  Its name, Designlab 252, pays homage to those days when they learned to be general practitioners of the arts and science in solving problems in the environment.  It literally refers to the room number of the assigned studio space where they spent most of their life on campus.  

In the words of Bruce Almighty, “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.”  Konni is that woman at Designlab 252.  Poor Konni.  Forced to endure the antics of her partners, she is the smiling, patient, equilibrium that makes it all work.  She is a very tolerant, wonderful woman.  Today, we're much more grown up (professionally speaking), but we still have fun every day.  We understand who we are individually and as a team.  We know where our strengths are.  We have found our groove, our niche, and our place in the world.  That has given us mad skills and confidence in all situations.  We do work all over California.  It has made us very good at what we do.  But we still think our best talent is turning clients into friends. 

Mission Statement

We are passionate, eco-sensible, eco-savvy, eco-groovy, quality-driven, forwarding thinking revolutionaries, bringing peace, joy, and better living to clients and friends through exceptional design services. 


Core Values

We believe in elegant simplicity.
We believe in stewardship.
We believe life is a classroom.
We believe that we should reach beyond sustainability.
We believe we hold a duty to each other, our families, and our clients.
We believe that the essential things in life are always about relationships.
We believe Landscape Architecture can save the world.


Scott, Konni and Patrick

Scott, Konni and Patrick


Patrick Boyd, ASLA, Principal Landscape Architect; Patrick is an award winning Landscape Architect very familiar with work throughout the State of California.  He has over 15 years experience in projects that have included all aspects of landscape architecture in both the Public and Private sectors.  Working under the City Engineer, he is the Landscape Architect for a number of Cities, doing both design and plan check work for the municipality.
Patrick spent most of a decade at the California Department of Transportation, followed by time at a midsized private multi-disciplinary engineering firm.  He has a great deal of highway and transportation related design experience.  His work has been recognized by numerous organizations for its both high aesthetics and water conservation achievements.

While at Caltrans Patrick participated in many projects and served on a number of committees.  This allowed him to participate in the development of State Standards for Design.  Most notable is his authorship of sections of The Beautification Master Plan of Highway 99.  

Patrick is particularly suited to the needs of any complex, large-scale agency or commercial project.  

Patrick is very involved in the arts.  He is Past-President of the Fresno Arts Council and currently serves as Vice President.  He is also well educated in Historic Preservation and sits on the City of Fresno Historic Preservation Commission.  Patrick is an avid bicyclist and on any given morning can be found trying to catch up to his wife as they pedal up the Sierras for a quick workout.  He holds a five-year Professional degree, a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 1998.

Konni Jones, CID Principal, Designer; Konni is also very familiar with city and state standards and has over 15 years design and production experience working on projects throughout California.  Her time spent at the California Department of Transportation exposed her to all aspects of many highway projects.  As a Plant Scientist, she was able to gain a great deal of experience working on numerous Mitigation projects mastering the complex restoration skills needed to meet the requirements of the state to protect the natural environment around new construction.

Konni is lead irrigation designer and is the company's Irrigation and Water Conservation Specialist.  She has deep experience designing large, complex, and water conscience irrigation systems for public and private applications.  She works closely with System Developers and Manufacturers to understand emerging technology and to better specify appropriate equipment for current projects.

Konni manages production, as well as quality assurance and control.  It turns out raising three kids and two male business partners makes you very good at that.  Konni holds a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science from California State University, Fresno, 1998. 

Scott Mears, President, Project Manager; Scott brings over 25 years of experience to the Designlab 252 team.  He has a broad background in business, including sales, marketing, and operations of small to medium sized organizations.  He also has experience in construction, having worked in the trades and later in Real Estate and Land Development.  He is an experienced Project Manager and has managed complex, multi-million dollar, construction, engineering, and manufacturing projects.  He is a former City Councilman, chairing a number of key committees, including the Capital Improvement Committee.  He has experience successfully lobbying the U.S. Congress on a wide range of municipal and transportation issues, including Highway Funding and High Speed Rail.
Scott remains a student of Landscape Architecture.  In 1997, he received the ASLA Honor Award for his study and work in Landscape Architecture.  He is a current Vice-Chair of the Landscape Architecture Department Advisory Committee at Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo and is part of the Department’s faculty lecture pool.
Scott is the current Co-Chair of the California Department of Transportation Central Region Calmentor Steering Committee.  He sits on the Executive Board of the Sequoia Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  He is a past board member of a publicly owned utility company.  Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture (BSLA) from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, a Master of Science in Land and Real Estate Development (MSLD) and a Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) from Texas A&M University, College Station.  His wife told him three degrees were enough.